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We are selling handmade accessories mainly made by natural stones,
carefully handpicked by our designer ,and designed to enhance the power of each of stones.

The natural stones are also called as “power stones” that each stone holds miraculous power.
This power can be only maximized when the frequency of holder and stone’s energy are met.

We believe everything happens for a reason. When you see the stone that appeals to you, hold it to your hand and feel the energy. That stone maybe the one to lead you to where you need to be and what you need to be.

Feel free to enjoy the power of natural stones and our stylish accessories!

Designer noko
bachelor of psychology,
NLP practioner

I design and made accesaries of natural stones, while working as a certified public accountant.
Using both of the right and the left brain, I can make very unique accesaries.
I am happy that more people will enjoy the power of natural stones.

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